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Deep Roots in the Community
Family Vision Centre is the only business remaining of the original tenants at the New Sudbury Centre’s opening in 1972. The practice is located on the second floor of the mall above the food court. Family Vision Centre, formerly Skilling, Peloso and Maki Optometrists, has roots deeply entrenched in the Greater Sudbury community.

In 1970 Dr. John Skilling, having graduated from the School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo, returned to Sudbury to set up a practice with Dr. John Bell. At the time “optometric professional services” were available only in the downtown core.

Consequently, in 1972 Skilling and Bell opened a part-time practice in the New Sudbury Centre. The office was located in a section of the mall known as Rue La Ronde, the first enclosed shopping facility in Sudbury. The remainder of the New Sudbury Centre was in a strip mall format with Woolco and Loblaws at opposite ends.

Changes to Come
In 1974 the practice grew to a full-time operation with Dr. Mario Peloso joining the practice. A significant change came in 1985. The mall was totally enclosed and was comprised of Woolco, Sears, Taste Buds Food Court and the Galleria Offices. Rue La Ronde was phased out and the practice, which was bursting at the seams, was relocated to its present location in the Galleria Offices, above the food court.

More Expansion and Renovation
In 2005, the New Sudbury Office expanded by renovation to add much needed space in all areas of practice. Included in this addition was another examination room to accommodate our newest associate Dr. Jodie Yasko and Dr. Julia Levesque in 2013. Another area became a pretest room where we now specialize in diagnostic testing. A second pretest room was required in the fall of 2014 to accommodate an Optical Coherence Tomography Scanner.

New Name
In keeping with these changing times, the name of the practice has changed to Family Vision Centre. We wanted a name that conveyed our practices wide range of vision services to the entire family. Looking back over the years, Dr. Skilling says the one common factor that stands out as a constant in the practice is change.

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